Elevation is Not Ego

Many people would probably say that focusing on loving yourself is egotistical. However, we want you to know that that is not necessarily true. The mindset that we encourage is not an egotistical one, but one of self-confidence and a great deal of self-love. People need to love themselves in order to succeed in this type of program, because working on themselves should not feel like a tedious chore. It should feel wonderful and right to exercise and eat a healthy diet. If someone truly loves himself or herself, it will be much easier to treat the body the way it deserves to be treated. It is very easy to fall into the trap of believing that you are not worth caring about enough to treat your body with the care that it deserves, but that is an unhealthy mindset that you will need to overcome if you are going to succeed in your weight loss goals and more importantly, become a healthier and more spiritually elevated human being. Do not ever feel bad or guilty about loving yourself, and do not let anyone make you feel guilty about this. Sometimes, we truly need to love ourselves and put ourselves first in order to be the very best people that we can be.